For drivers

1. Download the mobile application "Tachku!" on your phone. It’s available on Play Market and AppStore.

2. For registration enter your phone number. You will receive an SMS with a verification code to confirm your number, enter it.

3. Switch on the driver mode in the side menu of the application. Then you can easily switch between modes.

4. Enter your details, upload the photo. Also it is necessary to fill in the data of the car: model, color, number, year of release.

5. The request feed will be available for you. First of all, it will display the nearest for GPS-geolocation requests from passengers. Choose from the list the one that suits you by route and price, click on it and the application will ask you to specify the time that you will need to travel to the passenger.

6. When you arrive to the passenger, click the "Pull up" button in the application, the passenger will be notified that the car is being served.

7. Do not forget to change your status: "Busy" or "Available".

8. In the "My Orders" tab, you can see your completed orders.

9. You can also configure the application so that you will automatically receive notifications of the nearest orders. In the sidebar, select "Settings", then "Notifications". Here you can disable or enable this feature and set the time when you want to receive request notifications.

10. There can be requests marked as "Bargaining" in the request feed. In such requests, you can offer the passenger your cost of the trip.

11. If you are interested in intercity or cargo transportation – open the side menu of the application and use the sections: "Intercity" or "Freight".

Terms of Service:

  • It is forbidden to write any messages to the request feed: correspondence, appeal, threats, insults, obscene language, any advertising, delivery, rent, etc.
  • It is forbidden for passengers to write in the request feed incomprehensible requests without an address or without price.
  • It is forbidden for drivers to write to the request feed that they are available or will take-bring back, etc.
  • The passenger exit time is a maximum of 10 minutes. After the expiration of this time it is required to pay the driver for the waiting.
  • If you are a passenger and have changed your mind about going, immediately call the driver and cancel the request.
  • It is forbidden for drivers to bargain with a passenger! If the price does not suit you, it's better not to call.