"Tachku!" service is supported by the same named company from Almaty since 2015

"Tachku!" service has a fundamentally new model, the essence of this model is that cost of the trip is offered by passengers, due to which both sides of the deal can participate in setting of prices.

Users very positively meet a convenient and modern mobile application "Tachku!". People willingly share it with their friends and acquaintances in all cities where the service begins to operate. The team did not stop there and continued to work on improving the application, introducing new convenient functions and additional features for users. In the future, the company intends to enter many new countries of the world.

The creators have prepared for users a convenient program that supports the most modern standards of passenger transportation:

Convenient online request form – in order to book a trip it is enough to enter a route: "From" and "Where", and also assign "Cost". In the driver's mode is available a request feed, from which the driver himself chooses any convenient order. When you click on the order, the system connects the driver and the passenger so that they can confirm the ordering and discuss the details of the trip;

Flexible car search – the system will help a passenger to pick up a car according to his wishes. For this, the passenger can use the filters to order, for example, a minibus or a car with a child seat. In addition, in comments he can indicate the presence of convenient passages or the need for the transportation of large items;

High speed of car delivery – thanks to the automated system, the request is immediately delivered to the nearest available drivers. This ensures the maximum speed – the average time from placing the request by the passenger to the car's delivery is around 3 minutes and up;

GPS-geolocation with the display of the current location of the user and available drivers. The driver immediately sees the exact distance to the passenger, and the passenger sees how the ordered car moves to him on the interactive map of the city;

Smart rating system of users – after a trip the passenger can rate the driver and write a review. Both the passenger and the driver, in case they are dissatisfied with the trip, can write a complaint. All requests are processed by the system. Users with a low rating are automatically blocked until they are completely excluded from the service. Thus, a community of reliable fellow travelers is formed. When choosing a travel companion, both the driver and the passenger can view detailed information about it: the system displays photos, user data, rating and reviews, driver’s car model, color and number.

"Tachku!" allows you not to call taxi dispatchers and taxi services in order to find available cars and acceptable tariffs, you do not need to risk and catch the car from the road. Now, you can find a good car and at the same time save your money by a couple of clicks on your smartphone.

Download the application and make trips in a new way.

Have pleasant and profitable trips!